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the grid

analogously & digitally edited newspaper

pencil-drawing & digitally edited collage

   black pen and cuttings in a book

 a play on Magritte & Broodthaers (ink drawing on paper, digital collage)

artwork accompanying an article by Tosha R. Taylor
issue #2: Death and the City  –  commissioned by:
the grid. platform for creative thinkers.

Consuming Death Through Urban Kitsch
Signs of death and human destruction have been woven into the cultural fabric of many cities and – for instance – can be found in certain tours centered upon horrible historical happenings. These activities belong to the greater phenomenon that has been termed “dark tourism,” But, as Tosha R. Taylor in this discussion claims, “death kitsch” in urban spaces is not limited to tourism alone. What is death kitsch exactly and aren’t we all guilty as charged?

ink-drawing on a copy of a newspaper-photo, digital collage
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artwork accompanying an article by Marleen Kruithof
issue #1: Happiness Fascism   –   commissioned by:
the grid. platform for creative thinkers.

Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy
Solitude, is this still permitted in contemporary society? Have we traded intimacy, with ourselves and with others, in exchange for the multitude? This article attempts to locate the figure of solitude in today’s happy crowd.

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